Terrain to Table

From farmers markets to apple orchards, at the heart of the Dutchess County is its rich agrarian culture. The Silo Ridge Organic Garden offers a place to fully immerse in the site’s signature practice of terrain-to-table— to explore, harvest, and prepare homegrown produce directly from its natural source. Along breathtaking landscape brimming with colors of the season’s vegetables, fruits, and blooming flowerbeds, begin summer by hand-picking vibrant red strawberries, or begin the autumn months with apple and pumpkin harvests.


Chef Jonathan Wright

Chef Jonathan is an award-winning culinary professional who has held Culinary and Food and Beverage Director positions in some of the world’s finest and most exclusive restaurants in the United States, Asia, the Caribbean and his native country, the United Kingdom. Known for his passion for quality and attention to detail, Chef Jonathan is drawing on nearly three decades of experience.


Dress Appropriately

Closed-toe shoes and light-weight clothing.

Always Call Ahead

Farmers keep track of what’s ripe and the number of pickers in the field.

Berry Picking is not an

A berry here and there is fine, but please help support the farms and U-pick process.