Village Green Cottages

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Located in the heart of Silo Ridge, the 21 extraordinary homesites of Village Green offer expansive vistas that extend beyond the front nine holes of the Club’s golf course to the rolling hills of New York’s Hudson Valley and the Connecticut countryside. Designed with a modern barn aesthetic, these single-family homes combine privacy with the neighborly congeniality of a small town. The cottages of Village Green enjoy easy access to The Ridge House, the Front Porch comfort station as well as proximity to the community’s residential services. With three to four bedrooms and an average of 3,000 square feet of space, these gracious homes are built for convenience and an elevated lifestyle, with vaulted ceilings, the finest finishes, and the choice of traditional or contemporary styling. Village Green Cottage home types available: Delavergne and Cornwall.

Price Range: $ 5,000,000 - $6,750,000

*Addresses noted for these properties are not to be considered permanent and are subject to change

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